Thursday, July 9, 2009

Taylor Dior- Child Model/Actor

We spotted Taylor Dior last year on myspace. This talented child has done a lot of big things in her 2 1/2 years of life. We wanted to share her story with you:

Taylor Dior is a NYC model who also appears in film/commercials. She got her start at 5 mths of age when she was signed with a model and talent mgmt firm. A year later, thanks to God's blessings and a wonderful mgmt team, Taylor booked her first feature film at 15 mths of age. It was a small role in a BIG film that spanned theaters nationwide in Jan 2009. She has since worked on set of another film and has been on commercial auditions too. She has worked with top child photographers and celebrities, and has taken class at one of the east coasts' best acting schools.
Taylor truely enjoys performing, taking pics, being around people, and having fun. She is friendly and meshes well with others. Not one shy bone in her body! That's why she is so active in sports and entertainment. At two years of age she enjoys roller skating at the rink, bike riding on her trike, attending her gymnastics class, and being on camera! She loves attention and putting on a show so she can show off.
We initially just wanted to try out modeling and have some fun since she was so alert, expressive, and adorable as a baby. Film and more were an added blessing and we saw that she really enjoyed it and does well with everyone she meets. So we will continue to provide this avenue for her to learn, explore, have fun, and put her talents to positive use until she decides on something else! From sports to entertainment, she stays very involved and kept busy with positive venues to express herself and explore. She has great talent managers and model agents working hard for her in the meantime as well as parents who make it all possible.
Please visit her page often to keep in touch and get the latest updates and videos on what she's getting into next!


  1. We love you Taylor keep reachimg for the are wonderful

  2. OMG, she is beyond precious! Do your thang, Baby Girl! <3