Friday, September 24, 2010

Gimp - Liz B Fix it Friday Entry

Original Image

My Photojournalism Edit

This is my entry for the Fix it Friday Challenge. I used Gimp. It's a free photo editing software available for download on the web. Sometimes if I have to much running, Photoshop slows down my computer, so I use Gimp instead.

I chose to clone out the lights in back of the father's head so the emphasis would be on the emotion between him and his daughter. I used three curve layers. I gave the red channel a slight s curve. The green channel a curve slightly higher than the red one. Then the blue channel a slight s curve. I added in a layer of 969696 gray to bring out the skin tones and highlight them.

I'm not very good at tutorial writing ( forgive me). I wanted to give the photo a more photojournalism tone with the editing I choose.