Saturday, June 13, 2009

Be Everything That's You!

I'm blessed. My life has begun to take turns in ways I never imagined a year ago. I finally found the faith and courage to pursue a career in photography. I've always taken photos. I have scrapbooks full of them. I knew deep in my heart, I should be doing more with my photography, but didn't have the courage to push past my fears and just do it.

To all of you out there wanting to follow your dreams, don't put it off. Just do it! Yes it's scary. Yes, you'll have to make sacrifices. But it's better to be a whole person full of life and passion than to be an empty shell full of fear and regret.

Be Everything That's You!
be peculiar, distinctive
be uniquely unpredictable
a far cry from ordinary
be true
be everything that is you